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    Atoll GeoCAD is not a company - it is only one man business. I am a freelancer. My name is Boris Goldinov, I live in Haifa, Israel. I am M. Sc. Physical Geographer, CAD (Computer Aided Design) programmer, 3D modeler and drafter. I am also the only author, graphic and web-designer of this website. Maybe you are disapointed if you had met Atoll GeoCAD in lists among big GIS/CAD companies, due to high ranks of the Atoll GeoCAD website in Search Engines - for AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, 3D, Land Surface Modeling, Geographical Information Systems and other connected keywords.

Atoll Land Surface  program is a simple CAD application, intended for the well known CAD platforms: AutoCAD and IntelliCAD. It allows to create terrain models, to study and to modify real and imaginary land surfaces as well. The software registration is available for symbolic price - $99.
    I am grateful to the customers who have registered my program
Atoll Land Surface or one of its components: Products Overview You may see illustrations at Samples Gallery and download free demo versions.

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