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      If several thousands US$ and a month or two of training course is not a big problem for you, there is a great on- and off-line market of excellent BIG CAD programs and courses, but if you are looking  for fast and economical solutions (with total expense of only few hundreds US$, including powerful CAD platform and Modeling applications), if you are looking for fast, easy and exact "step-by-step" help, you are in the right place. Even if you are experienced AutoCAD user, you may be surprised, that complicated projects may be fulfilled with the simple and  friendly programs, registered for affordable price.                             

  Points were imported to IntelliCAD from coordinate text file with the help of Surface Recognizer within seconds*. Breaklines connecting points were drawn  manually within two minutes. Interpolated points along Breaklines were added with Surface Creator  within seconds. Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) and Smoothed Surface Contours of user defined interval were drawn automatically with Surface Creator. Total time for this model creation was about 10 (ten) minutes. Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) is "hidden" in black display. The Breaklines are pasted onto the Surface with Surface Explorer.

*X Y Z coordinates may be extracted and written to the text files from any CAD source (Point or Insert objects) by the program. Using coordinate text files obtained  from other sources is not guaranteed and not recommended.

 Terrain Model (Triangulated Irregular Network) is automatically colored by height with
 Surface Creator and rendered with IntelliCAD 4 Rendering System.

  1. Project Surface plane contours were drawn manually.
  2. Contours were interactively "lifted" onto defined elevation level with Surface Recognizer
  3. Interpolated points along contours were drawn and Triangulated Irregular Network was built with Surface Creator The trees on this image are IntelliCAD 4 Solids.

  Paper Space Viewports with coordinate Map Frames. All you have to do is to define rectangle in Model Space and the map scale. Coordinate crosses and North arrow are inserted  (are visible only in Paper Space) General Map 1:1000 and the areas of interest 1:500. Maps are ready for plotting 1:1.
                     Map Frame  

Scaled Aerial Photos. Aerial Photo (almost any raster file format is available) was inserted with  IntelliCAD 4 Image Enabler. General Scale 1:500 and areas of interest 1:250. Ready for plotting 1:1. Map Frame 

All data in this Sample Database is absolutely fictional. Any possible coincidence is accidental.

All data in this Sample Database is absolutely fictional. Any possible coincidence is accidental.

Link your data to graphic entities and save it inside drawing files with Atoll Data Manager. Create your own Databases inside drawing files. All defined data and data parameters are saved inside files as well as are quickly found and/or updated. There is no need for any external Database or program. Connect equal data to big amounts of objects in moments, select, view and update object data and vice versa - find objects by data keywords and expressions. Draw contours, presenting equal values of numerical data.

Manage Selection Sets of entities, including scaling and rotating in place
 - with
Global Operator

Atoll Land Surface 4.01:   
is all above ... in one compact and friendly application.   



Atoll Land Surface 4.01:   
is all above ... in one compact and friendly application.
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