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                                                                         Atoll Land Surface 


main Program  features:
  • Import Points (X,Y,Z)  from text files and export coordinates to text files.
  • Fast and easy Preparation of 2D graphic objects for 3D Modeling.
  •  Producing Triangulated Irregular Network and  smoothed  surface Contours of any interval.
  • Coloring Surface by height for Rendering.
  • Random points and linear objects definition on Surface (TIN)
  • Automatic drawing of Land Surface elevation Profiles & Sections.
  • Automatic drawing of the Map Framed Viewports of any orientation and scale.
  • Fast and easy Extended Entity Data management.
  • Fast and easy Selection Sets management
  • PLATFORM: tested and works with many IntelliCAD & AutoCAD versions & with AutoCAD based Autodesk products. Expected to work with any of them!





Atoll Land Surface free demo version contains readme.txt and HTML help -
the full program description and installation instructions.

                                                 Download Atoll Land Surface free demo


                     The application contains the following parts which are also available as independent programs:

                                                                Atoll Surface Recognizer
                                                                Atoll Surface Creator
                                                                Atoll Surface Explorer
                                                                Atoll Map Frame
                                                                Atoll Data Manager
                                                                Atoll Global Operator


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