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                                                         The Products Overview: 

   Our applications are intended for mapping, interpretation and visual design of Land Surface, and Geographical Information processing. They are created with the purpose of maximal simplification of existing surfaces modeling as well as imaginary ones, and of maximal integration, flexibility and economical accessibility for any specialists using Land Surface modeling.

      Atoll Land Surface or its partial modules (each of them is available as independent unit) are expected to apply practical solutions to many IntelliCAD or AutoCAD users: geographers, surveyors, geologists, civil engineers, and land designers. There are lots of sophisticated and powerful "Geo" programs. Some of them are intended for limited subjects, some are complex but too expensive. As a rule, they are provided with 300-400 pages of textbooks and require many hours of special training.
        • if you are too busy and don't have time for such training,
        • if you don't deal with large areas and big amounts of data,
        • if acquiring expensive software is not reasonable for your business,
we believe that our programs are created for you.
     Atoll Data Manager and  Atoll Global Operator are intended for Extended Data and Selection Sets management. These programs may be used by CAD specialists, working in any  professional field.
     The applications are developed and tested on IntelliCAD 4 base, but they are expected to work properly also with other IntelliCAD versions, with AutoCAD 14, 2000, 2002, 2004  or  with other AutoCAD based Autodesk  products.
    Download any of our free  demo versions and test them  with your CAD platform.


                                 IntelliCAD®  is intellectual property of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.

                                AutoCAD®  is  intellectual property of Autodesk, Inc.                             

 Atoll GeoCAD presents:

Surface Recognizer:
   Points coordinates & Entities elevation fast management.

Surface Creator:  
     Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) &  smoothed Surface Contours of any interval.

Surface Explorer:  
     Points and linear objects definition on Surface, Elevation Profiles and Sections. 

Map Frame:
                 Map Framed Paper Space Viewports of any orientation and scale.

Data Manager:
           Extended Entity Data fast management.

Global Operator:
    Selection Sets fast management.

Atoll Land Surface 4.01
is all above ... in one compact and friendly application.



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