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                                                                             Atoll Surface Creator 

  The Program destination: Terrain Modeling, Land Surface interpretation and design.

1. Height interpolation and adding surface points along character 3D polylines or lines
    (may be breakline, flowline, watershed etc) for accurate model creation.  
2. Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) - from Point objects input.
    3DFACE objects presenting Surface are drawn.
3. Smoothed Surface Contours of any interval - from 3DFACE objects input.  
4. Automatic Coloring Surface (TIN) by elevation for Rendering.  
5. 'Hiding' Surface TIN in black display.
       Illustrated HTML Help included.

This program is also the part of Atoll Land Surface application.
Platform: expected to work properly with any AutoCAD or IntelliCAD version.
Fill free to download the program demo and to test it with your CAD platform.

                                                   Download Atoll Surface Creator free demo




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